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Active X popup


PDF rider works great, BUT:

Each and every time I open a file, a popup says "to improve computer security, your webbrowser has restricted this file......." or similar, I am not sure of the phrasing in English.

If you rightclick and clidk " Allow blocked content" a popup says "Active contetn ,like scripts and ActiveX controles can be useful, but are potentially harmful to your computer. Are you sure...."

You have to go through this each and every time you open a new file.

Very annoying when pasting multiple files together. And after the paste is successful, you do not see the result, unless you go through the procedure again.

Not funny.

I have windows 7, but no IE installed. Now pls. do not kick in an open door and say I should install IE first....., unless of course that is the only right answer.



francescot wrote Jan 2, 2014 at 9:07 AM

To show the pdf file, the application uses a Microsoft browser component based on IE (which actually is installed since you get that activex security message).

I have not tested it, but you should be able to get rid of the message by setting a lower security level for the activex components in your IE settings (this souldn't be a problem if you don't use IE for internet navigation. You should find IE somewhere in your pc couse i'm pretty sure it is not completely uninstalled).

Thanks for your interest and hope this helps.