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PDFRider is an utility for doing some simple manipulations to PDF documents. It is written in c#/.net 3.5 (WPF), with the aim to be simple and user friendly.

PDF Rider is made upon the utility pdftk and can be used to:

* Merge PDF documents
* Insert pages from another pdf file
* Extract pages from a PDF document to a new document
* Delete pages
* Rotate pages
* Crypt and Decrypt a pdf file
* Burst a document into single pages

* Version 0.5 enables automatic updates checking

PDFRider uses a web browser control to render the pdf file. In this way you can view the pdf file with your standard reader (Adobe Reader, etc...) as you do inside a browser!


Translations of the software are available at Translations. If you want to submit a new translation, feel free to contact me.

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