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PDF Rider is currently available in the following languages.

To use a translation, download the file from the table below and save it in the folder "Locales\your-culture-id\" located inside the application folder. Probably you have to create the "your-culture-id" subfolder. The culture id is the same as the one of the localization file (e.g. in LocTable-fr-FR.xaml the culture id is fr-FR, so you have to put the file into {your-app-folder}\Locales\fr-FR\).

Translation files are compatible with previous versions.

Language File Project version Contributor Comment
English LocTable-en-US.xaml 0.6    
Italian LocTable-it-IT.xaml 0.6    
French LocTable-fr-FR.xaml 0.6 Eric  
Spanish LocTable-es-ES.xaml 0.6 Paola Sirianni  
German LocTable-de-DE.xaml 0.6 Tom  
Dutch LocTable-nl-NL.xaml 0.6 Marc  
Portuguese (Brazil) LocTable-pt-BR.xaml 0.6 André Marcelo Alvarenga  
Japanese LocTable-ja-JP.xaml 0.6 Hiroshi Ohno  
Spanish (México) LocTable-es-MX.xaml 0.6 TranslatorMx  

If you want to submit a new translation, feel free to contact me.

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